I don’t understand why I wept uncontrollably this morning. Could it be the death of a relative? Maybe. Mena is a thirteen years old and I don’t know how she may go through this period. Even though she has not lived with her mother for four years, reality will definitely set in. Absence they say makes the heart grow fonder. I will never see my mother again I believe that’s her statement.

No mother to speak to when things seems tough. There is a saying that if your tooth is rotten it is still in your mouth and you cannot ignore it. That is a mother irrespective of who she is, she gave you birth. I am weeping, sad  and heartbroken than Mena. Why? Because even at my age I’m not old…..,I don’t know how I will come to terms with the loss of my parent. But there is nothing one can do if death lay its icy hands on you. Death is inevitable. As a student rightly wrote ” I will imprison death forever” because he doesn’t want to lose his loved ones.

A thirteen years old boy was sobbing uncontrollably because he couldn’t take part in an assignment all due to lack of resources. ” Go and call your mother” that was my statement. His response: my mother is dead. I just flipped what the hell is death that its takes people and makes them vulnerable to a whole lot of challenges. I believe if his mother was alive she could have supported his husband to provide his needs. I know the world cannot contain everyone if there was no death. The unexpected nature of death hitting us is what makes us to ask a lot of questions.

No one is ever prepared for death but who is ever prepared for it? Can we ever prepare for the death of our loved ones? This is a big NO. It is one aspect of life that we cannot live without. “How I wish death could be jailed for life”. May all the departed souls especially in 2016 sleep peacefully . Rest well till we meet again.

The Ghana I desire…..

Peace is a universal language. Everyone yearns for a certain level of it at one point in life. I believe Peace should be the mantra for every human being but not to wait when it is threatened. Some Ghanaian tend to talk about issues when it is very close and the reason being, the closer, the hotter. I really don’t buy into the idea of last minute show.

Why do we have to wait as a Nation to talk about Peace only on election year? Well, some Pastors are always talking about it in their individual churches but what happens to those who don’t get the opportunity to listen to these sermons?

I believe people can relate better to situations when they have fore knowledge of it or educated prior to it.

Sorry to the “not so television” people but I was privy to watch television on Easter Sunday and surprisingly the journalists captured a lot of Pastors who were speaking on Peace. I thought to myself that is really a good way of disseminating the “Peace” message across. The question is, are these Pastors educating their members on how to be Peaceful or they are just interested in proclaiming Peace? Are they telling us the exact things? Are they just proclaiming “be peaceful” or there is an assumption that we are all can make wise decisions.

Could it be that, being captured with a camera and televised on a national television is all they are interested in? Let’s live this topic for another day’s discussion.  I guess it’s a normal thing to expect since it’s an election year.

When will we stop this unnecessary pranks and rumors that disrupt the little harmony we have in the country? Some of these rumors are very serious and it brings a lot social unrest and instability. Tribal politics disrupts Peace because we tend to marginalize other tribes, which does not foster Peace but rather brings hatred and chaos among us.

I guess the wonderful picture of Peace we all imagine is violent free elections. Which is very good, but what happens after the elections?

This is not to open healed wounds but it’s a kind reminder of June 3rd Disaster, the numerous cholera outbreaks, rampant teenage pregnancies, unemployment just to mention a few. I believe negative pictures come into memory when thoughts of these incidents pop up. Individuals’ Peace as well as the governments is disrupted.

Let’s us put aside our differences and form a united front of Peace, not just for election purposes but for the holistic development of our motherland Ghana.

As a matter of fact, elections are important and the only opportunity one has to exercise his or her franchise. As we do this let’s remember there is a bigger life after elections. After all, elections are just a day or two program depending on the outcome and life still goes on.

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